Features of NDML Academic Depository
Easy Registration
  • Verification Users (Employers, Banks, VISA Consulates, Academic Institutions etc.) - Joining Form and KYC process to be submitted to NDML Academic Depository for joining and user creation.
  • Registration & Publication of Important Information
    • List of Academic Institutions - Eligible & Participating
    • List of Affiliated Colleges / Institutes / Schools
    • List of Courses Conducted
    • Details of certificates lodged in NDML Academic Depository
    • This will provide a single point of all important information about participating Academic Institutions and their program and certificate data details.
Data Lodgement
  • Facilitate Universities / Boards / Academic Institutions to Lodge Awards on NDML Academic Depository System and Issue Certificates to the Students
  • Host and maintain details of academic awards of the candidates in electronic form.
  • NDML Academic Depository will issue Unique Identity Number to each Certificate, this is called NDML Academic Depository Certificate ID.
Online Access to Academic Awards
  • Verifiers can request for verification /access to any certificate lodged in NDML Academic Depository system. Access to the certificate will be provided online subject to following:
    • Certificate is lodged in NDML Academic Depository System;
    • Concerned Student is also registered in NDML Academic Depository system and the Certificate is mapped to the account of the student;
    • Student provides Consent to the Verification request
  • NDML Academic Depository will forward a printed transcript of the academic qualification (Authentication Certificate / Mark sheet) on the request of the certificate holder. This facility may be used by employers, corporations, government organisations who may require authentication certificate for their records.
  • The NDML Academic Depository system has the necessary Security Features to ensure that only authorized users have access to authorized functions. System will maintain Audit Trail for all activities.
  • Online payment facility for payment of applicable fee and charges. SMS and Emails for communication of various information and events.