Depository System

NDML is a wholly owned subsidiary of NSDL. NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML), is a 100% Subsidiary of “National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)”. NSDL is a Depository registered with SEBI under the Depository Act. NDML has developed and operated Academic Depository system and is committed to provide Academic Depository services to Users of NDML. Depository also facilitates the participants’ registration, training, support mechanism and defines the data standard.

  • Nil (Zero) charges for your Academic Institution (AI)
  • To serve as the digital depository for all academic certificates.
  • Provide with access to standard, well-maintained IT infrastructure which your institution can provide services to verifiers and students.
  • Option to Upload awards data in any format convenient to your institution.
  • The income of AI from verification of awards remain intact for awards getting verified through NDMLAD.
  • Readymade Online facility/platform for Academic Institution/s for online verification of awards without any investment.
  • Option for online Verification of awards through NDMLAD based on comprehensive or case wise consent from AI.