Depository System

Depository is the nodal agency in the NAD system which connects all the users of the system. Depository is the backbone of the working of NAD system, the depository connects all the participants of the NAD system and provides the required system and user interface for availing the NAD services. Depository also facilitates the participants’ registration, training, support mechanism and defines the data standard. Depository hosts the central NAD application which is used by all the participants to perform their functions:

  • The Academic Institutions lodge the details of the academic records in the depository system;
  • The students access their certificate records in their accounts which are maintained in the depository system;
  • The verification users I.e. banks, employers, academic institutions access the depository

The depository system also provides significant amount of information and data analytics to all the users. The depository system maintains logs and audit trail of all the transactions and user activity. NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) has been appointed by University Grants Commission as Depository for NAD.