Academic Institutions

Features OF NDML Academic Depository
  • Academic Institutions - Such Universities / Boards / Academic Institutes / Assessment Bodies as are identified by MHRD / UGC will join NDML Academic Depository system. These institutions will sign model agreement proved by NDMLAD.
  • Students / Certificate Owners – Online & Simple Aadhaar based registration. If Aadhaar not available, Student can submit registration details online. Student needs to approach his / her Academic Institution to Verify the details.
  • Verification Users (Employer Companies, Banks, VISA Consulates, Academic Institutes etc.) - Joining Form and KYC process to be completed.
Registration & Publication of Important Information
  • List of Academic Institutions - Eligible & Participating
  • List of Affiliated Colleges / Institutes / Schools
  • List of Courses Conducted
  • Details of Awards lodged in NDML Academic Depository
Data Lodgement
  • Develop and publish Data Standards and Formats for use by Academic Institutions and other Users
  • Facilitate Universities / Boards / Academic Institutions to Lodge Awards on NDML Academic Depository System and Issue Certificates to the Students;
  • NDML Academic Depository will issue Unique Identity Number to each Certificate, this is called NDML Academic Depository Certificate ID.
Online Access to Academic Awards
  • NDML Academic Depository will host and maintain details of academic awards of the students in electronic form.
  • Online access to
    • Students based on Aadhaar / NDML Academic Depository ID of the student declared by the Academic Institution;
    • Academic institutions, employers, government organisations etc. for verification of academic awards.
  • Printed copy of the academic award to the Student on request.
  • Registration of users with KYC process
  • OTP based verification & authorisation
  • Access only to registered & authorised users
  • Award access based on consent of the student
  • System will maintain Audit Trail for all activities
  • Integration with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to
    facilitate online registration of Students with e-KYC
  • Online payment facility for payment of applicable fee and charges
  • SMS and Emails for communication of various information and events