Easy Registration
  • Easily register online on NDML Academic depository
    • Register all your details on the system, upload your photo and signature image and create your preferred user ID and password. NDML Academic depository will issue NDML Academic depository ID. In this case, present the details to the Academic Institution to verify the details.
    • Registration & Publication of Important Information
    • List of Academic Institutions - Eligible & Participating
    • List of Affiliated Colleges / Institutes / Schools
  • List of Courses Conducted
  • This will provide a single point of all important information about Participating Academic Institutions and their Course and Awards details.
  • Facilitate Universities / Boards / Academic Institutions to Lodge Awards on NDML Academic Depository System and Issue Certificates to the Students
  • NDML Academic Depository will issue Unique Identity Number to each Certificate, this is called NDML Academic Depository Certificate ID.
  • Certificates will automatically be available in the Student account based on Student’s Identity (Aadhaar / NDML Academic Depository ID) provided in the certificate data lodged in NDML Academic Depository by the Institution. Do ensure to provide your Aadhaar / NDML Academic Depository ID to your Academic Institution.
Online Access to Academic Awards
  • 24 Seven anytime, anywhere access to academic certificates through the NDML Academic Depository account.
  • Make certificates available to Academic institutions, employers, government organisations etc. for verification and processing admission application, job application etc.
  • The NDML Academic depository system has the necessary Security Features to ensure that only authorized users have access to authorized functions. System will maintain Audit Trail for all activities.
  • Online payment facility for payment of applicable fee and charges.
  • SMS and Emails for communication of various information and events.