Frequently Asked

National Academic Depository (NAD) is an important initiative of Government of India facilitated by Ministry of Human Resource Development to facilitate issuance, storage and access of academic awards in an online depository system on the pattern of Securities Depository.

Academic Institutions, Students and Verification Users (Employers, Banks, Consulates, Academic Institutions) are the main stakeholders in NAD system. MHRD has appointed NSDL Database Management Limited to operate the NAD system as a Depository.

NAD aspires to make the vision of Digital Academic Certificates for every Indian a reality. This touches the lives of Indian youth and empowers them with Digital, Online, Trusted, Verifiable Certificates which are accessible in a secure manner at all times. NAD promises to do away with difficulties / inefficiencies of collecting, maintaining, and presenting physical paper certificates. NAD is not only a database copy of the certificate records for Academic Institutes but a complete system for Issuing Online Certificates to Well Identified and Registered Students. It will be an active online place for Students, Academic Institutes and Verification Users. NAD brings in deterrence factor for people who wish to think that paper certificates can be easily forged / created and as verification processes are costly and inefficient they can use the arbitrage. By doing so it also brings trust and credibility to genuine certificate holders and makes their certificates trusted and easily accepted.

NAD will develop an online portfolio of all education certificates which can be submitted easily for employment, higher education, and loan and are easily trusted and verified. NAD integrates directly with Boards / Universities which issue Certificates and hence ensure Authenticity of Certificate Records.

Important services that NAD will provide:

  1. Disseminate Information about NAD System, its features & Participating Academic Institutes.
  2. Facilitate Academic Institutes to participate in NAD system.
  3. Facilitate & Train Academic Institutes to Securely Lodge Certificates in NAD system.
  4. Facilitate Academic Institutes to Update / Rectify the Certificate Records with updated / supplementary information.
  5. Relieve the burden of Academic Institutes in maintaining online database of academic certificates and providing verifications / duplicate certificates.
  6. Facilitate Academic Institutes to maintain important data masters.
  7. Facilitate Academic Institutes to Communicate with Students.
  8. Register Students on NAD System & Map Certificate Records to Students.
  9. Facilitate Issuance of Online & Physical Certificates to Students.
  10. Facilitate Students to access their Certificate Records at all times.
  11. .Facilitate Students to Authorise other Entities (Academic Institutes, Employers, Banks, VISA Consulates, Government Authorities) to access Digital Copy of the Certificate and Verify the details;
  12. .Facilitate Students to apply for and obtain Duplicate / Authenticated Copy of the Certificate.
  13. Develop a broader overview of the Indian Education sector and provide trends, observations and analytics on Enrolment, Progression, Preferences and Outcomes


NAD is an initiative of MHRD to provide Academic Certificates in digital format to students which are available for 24/7 online access to the students. This is an initiative under “Digital India” program to empower the students with online, permanent access. The certificates are digital and verifiable and hence are easily trusted by all users. NAD is a significantly beneficial initiative for students.

  • Easily register using your Aadhaar details (time needed 5 - 6 minutes).
    • Step 1: Visit UIDAI Website and download a gist of your Aadhaar details. You need to keep your Aadhaar number ready, UIDAI will send you an OTP to verify you before providing you gist of Aadhaar details.
    • Step 2: Upload the Zip File downloaded from UIDAI on NAD website. NAD will use your Aadhaar details to create your verified NAD Account.
    • Step 3: Your Aadhaar details are presented on the screen, create your User ID, Password and it's done.
  • For your convenience a Demo of the process is available here:
  • NAD ID based registration (requires verification): If Aadhaar is not available, register all your details on the system, upload your photo and signature image and create your preferred user ID and password. You also need to indicate the details of the Academic Institution which requested you to register / where you are studying / studied. NDML NAD will issue Acknowledgement Number. Your registration details need to be verified by the Academic Institution as specified by you. Present the details to your Academic Institution to verify the same. Once the Academic Institution verifies the details, your account is activated and NAD ID is issued by NAD and is sent to your registered email ID.

In such a case, you can visit Aadhaar enrolment centre and apply for Aadhaar or update your mobile number in your Aadhaar record.

However, if you are not able to enrol for Aadhaar or update your mobile number, NAD facilitates you to register by declaring your details and create the registration. NAD will give you NAD ID, which can be used by you thereafter for logging in to NAD. This NAD ID will need to be verified by an Academic Institution participating in NAD.

NAD will make all your certificates which are lodged by participating academic institutes available in your online NAD account. You can access all the certificates at all times.

Following needs to be ensured for this:

  • Your registration on NAD is completed as per previous question.
  • You submit your Aadhaar / NAD ID information to all your Academic Institutions.
  • Your Academic Institutions join NAD and lodge your certificate records with your Aadhaar / NAD ID.

NAD Portal will maintain a list of all Academic Institutions which are participating in NAD system. Please refer to same.

NAD is a Government of India initiative and is being made available across the country. This would greatly increase the security, authenticity and verifiability of the certificates and bring “Trust” factor for genuine certificates.

Yes you can request a printed certificate through NAD system.

NAD system provides significant operational and technical safeguards to ensure that certificate accuracy is ensured. Academic Institution directly upload and lodge the records in NAD system after conducting thorough verification of certificate records and digitally signing the records being lodged.

However, if you ever find some discrepancy in your digital certificates, NAD will facilitate you to lodge a grievance so that same can be taken up with concerned academic institution for verification / rectification.

NAD framework respects privacy of the data and records of each person. Certificates can be accessed only by the student to whom it belongs (as identified by the lodging academic institution). Other Verification users as are specifically authorised by the student can also access the certificate record.

If some employer requests for a verification of your certificate record, NAD will notify you by sending you Email / SMS on your registered details. You can then log-in to your account, review the details of the request and approve / reject the same.

Yes, you can seed Aadhaar number to an existing registration. The procedure explained regarding Aadhaar verification will be used.

You will need to approach the AI to seed your Aadhaar / NAD ID in a certificate record which is already uploaded on NAD. AI will verify the details of the same and the details of the certificate record. NAD system will facilitate the AI to recall the said record and seed the Aadhaar number / NAD ID. Thereafter such a record will be automatically mapped to your login / registration.

Yes, you can request the NAD system to share your award details with any Verifier.

Reasonable fees will be charged for NAD services which will be as per the guidelines from MHRD in this matter. This information would be displayed on NAD portal.

No. You have to be registered with NAD to enable you to give consent / disapproval for any verification request.

Yes, you have to provide the approval / rejection for the same within reasonable time. Presently the same is fixed at 7 days.

If you do not accord approval / rejection within reasonable time, the request is considered as infructuous and becomes ineffective.

Yes. You can choose to allow verification only for some of the awards held by you.

Student cannot upload award of this nature as only AI will be able to upload and lodge awards in NAD. The student can ask NAD for retrieval of an existing award and share it with Verifier.