NDML Academic Depository Presentation

NDML Academic Depository (NDMLAD)

  • Academic Institutions to issue academic certificates to students in a digital and online manner and maintain permanent records

  • Students to receive, store, access their academic certificates in a single online account and authorise access for verification purpose

  • Employers to access degree and related certificates of students with consent of the student

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NDML Academic Depository Stake Holders

Academic Institutions
NDML Academic Depository Salient Features
  • 24/ 7 Online platform for issuing, receiving, accessing and storing academic awards
  • Academic awards can be lodged only by the issuing Academic Institution
  • Academic Institution shall be responsible for the authenticity of the data as lodged in NDML Academic Depository
  • NDML Academic Depository will facilitate registration of Academic Institutions, Students, Verification Users
  • The Depository shall ensure the integrity of the data as lodged in NDML Academic Depository
NDML Academic Depository Salient Features
  • Academic Awards in Digital format
    • All Awards issued by Authorized AIs
    • Awards stored forever
    • Awards are digitally signed by AIs
  • Authenticated records - eliminate the menace of fake, forged Awards
  • Privacy protected
    • Sharing of Awards only with the consent of the student
  • Facilitate Data Analytics & Reports
Role Of Depository
  • Facilitate AIs to Join & Use NDML Academic Depository
  • Provide Training Programs & Capacity Building of AIs
  • Facilitate preparation and lodging of academic awards by AIs in NDML Academic Depository
  • Facilitate Students to register and use NDML Academic Depository
  • Auto linking of the academic awards to students
  • Facilitate Verifiers to register and use NDML Academic Depository
  • Provide Reports & Data Analytics
  • Maintain data integrity & security in NDML Academic Depository
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • Verifiers - Employers, Background Checkers, Academic Institutes, Banks, Visa Consulates, Domestic & Overseas Evaluation Bodies etc.
  • Verification Steps:
    • Registration of Verifier on NADMLAD with KYC Process
    • Verifier to generate Online Verification Request
    • Verification request sent to Student for Consent
    • Student to provide online consent
    • NDMLAD to provide access to certificate details if consent received
  • Verification only for registered students
  • NDMLAD to maintain Audit Trail of all Verifications
NDMLAD Benefits
  • Central platform for AIs to issue & manage digital Academic Awards
  • Secure, Convenient for students to receive, store their Academic Awards and share with authorised users
  • Verifiers – Easily, quickly, securely verify Academic Awards online
  • Strong deterrence to fake and forged Awards – mitigates reputational risk
  • Supports Digital India by bringing Students & Academic Awards Online
  • Reduces Administrative Work of Universities
  • Robust process of student identification and Certificate Mapping
  • Payment Gateway for Fee Collection
  • Communication System - Emails, SMS
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism
PFA NDMLAD Presentation for AI and Verifier.