NDML ACADEMIC depository

NDML Academic Depository (NDMLAD) is to facilitate digital issuance, storage, access and verification of Academic Awards issued by Academic Institutions. NDML Academic depository is a Unique, Innovative and Progressive initiative under “Digital India” theme towards achieving Digital enablement of the Education Records.

NDML Academic depository aspires to make the vision of Digital Academic Certificates for every Indian a reality. This touches the lives of Indian youth and empowers them with Digital, Online, Trusted, Verifiable Certificates which are accessible in a secure manner at all times. NDML Academic depository promises to do away with difficulties / inefficiencies of collecting, maintaining, and presenting physical paper certificates.

NDML ACADEMIC depository

NDML Academic depository is a complete system for Issuing Online Certificates to Well Identified and Registered Students. NDML Academic depository integrates directly with Boards / Universities who issue Certificates and hence ensures Authenticity of Certificate Records.

NDML Academic depository will develop an online portfolio of all education certificates for every Citizen across Academic Institutions (Universities / Boards / Assessment Bodies) which can be submitted easily for employment, higher education, and loan and is easily trusted and verified.

NDML Academic depository will be an active online place for Students, Academic Institutions and Verification Users. NDML Academic depository brings in deterrence factor for people who wish to think that paper certificates can be easily forged / created and as verification processes are costly and inefficient they can use the arbitrage. By doing so it also brings trust and credibility to genuine certificate holders and makes their certificates trusted and easily accepted.


NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML), is a 100% Subsidiary of “National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL)”. NSDL is a Depository registered with SEBI under the Depository Act. NDML has developed and operated Academic Depository system and is committed to provide Academic Depository services to Users of NDML Academic Depository.