About NAD

“National Academic Depository (NAD)" is a National System set-up by Ministry of Human Resources

Development and University Grants Commission by appointing NSDL Database Management Limited

(NDML) to facilitate Academic Institutions to Digitally, Securely and Quickly issue Online Academic Awards

to the Students directly in their online NAD Account. The student can access certificate at any time and

authorise employers, banks to view and verify the certificates. No more need to carry originals, submit

attested photocopies, wait for verification of documents, NAD makes it online now. Join now!




Use NAD to issue Digital Academic Certificates

to your Students and for Online Certificate Verification READ MORE

Students & Academic

Award Holders

Your Academic Certificates are

now available Online in your Account, Join now to access your Certificates… READ MORE

Employers / Banks /

Higher Academic Institutions

Worried about Fake / Forged Certificates...

Tired of long certificate verification process… Use NAD to Verify Academic Certificates online READ MORE

More than 100 Institutions Join NDML NAD.

NDML has facilitated lodgement of Over 5 Million Student Certificates.

NDML NAD starts its social media presence on FaceBook (fb.me/ndmlnad) and Twitter (twitter.com/ndmlnad)

NAD is presented at International GDN Forum in Paris, world acclaims NAD initiative

Students going abroad can get electronic attestation of their NAD certificates by Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) through e-Sanad

NDML NAD is proud to serve more than 200 Institutions to issue Academic Certificates to Students

MHRD / UGC call upon all Academic Institutions to join and implement NAD quickly. Workshop well received all over the country.

NDML NAD is proud to serve more than 300 Institutions to issue Academic Certificates to Students

NAD workshop in Bhopal(MP, Chhattisgarh), Jaipur( Rajasthan), Pune ( For Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa), Bangalore( Karnataka, Kerala), Hyderabad( Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu)

More than 1 Lakh Students join NDML NAD

NDML introduces VID based registration - Now no need to use your Aadhaar number to register on NAD, you can generate and use a temporary number (VID)

MHRD authorises University Grants Commission (UGC) as the Nodal Body for implementing NAD.

National Awareness Program on NAD led by Hon. HRD Minister Shri Prakash Javadekar held at Vigyan Bhawan, Delhi

Union Cabinet under the chairmanship of Hon. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved establishment and operationalization of National Academic Depository (NAD)

Series of NAD Regional Conferences held across the Country – Enthusiatic participation by Universities

MHRD set-up National Steering Committee for review and guidance on NAD implementation

UGC Signs Agreement with NDML to set-up and operationalize NAD

UGC advises all Academic Institutions to join NAD System

Outreach program initiated with Academic Institutions across the Country

Steering Committee reviews User Charges, Model agreement with Academic Institutions

25 Academic Institutions join NDML NAD System

Operations Manual and Training Manual for Academic Institutions released

NDML develops utility for Academic Institutions to provide certificate data in XML format and digitally sign the data

NDML completes interaction with 250 Universities across the country

List of Academic Institutions participating in NDML NAD grows to 50

User charges finalised by NAD National Steering Committee

Model Agreement of the Depositories with Academic Institutions sent for final comments

NAD Logo unveiled by UGC

NDML NAD receives participation of 100 academic institutions

NAD Website i.e. www.nad.gov.in launched by University Grants Commission (UGC)

Uniform data formats for lodging data in NAD system published

Second wave of NAD Regional Conferences at Kolkata (Jun 9th 2017), Pune (Jun 16th 2017), Delhi (Jun 23rd 2017), Bangalore (Jun 27th 2017), Bhopal (Jun 30th 2017)

NAD Steering Committee approves Model SLA Agreement of Depositories with Academic Institutions

Central Board of Secondary Education Joins NDML NAD and lodges awards data of 2017

NAD is being launched by Sh. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon. President of India at National Convention on Digital Initiatives for Higher

Education (Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on July 9th, 2017)

NDML NAD invites and welcomes all Academic Institutions to participate in NAD and use NAD platform to provide digital services to


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"As a Student or Cerficate Holder you can easily and quickly register

on NAD using Aadhaar"

Visit UIDAI website- https://resident.uidai.gov.in/offlineaadhaar to download digitally signed Aadhaar Zipped file. For Demo click https://nad.ndml.in/NAD/pdf/Generation-of-Offline-Aadhaar_new.pdf


Upload the zipped file with the File Password in NAD Registration Page-


NAD pre-populates your details

as per your Aadhaar record. Create preferred User ID and Password.

Voila! You have successfully

enrolled for NAD.