Terms & Conditions

for Certificate Holder for Joining &

Using National Academic Depository (NAD)

1. I have read, understood and agree to the following terms & conditions which govern my joining and usage of National Academic Depository (NAD)
2. I agree to declare correct and accurate information in my profile and I shall be responsible for any errors, misinterpretations and losses occurring to any user because of any incorrect representation or details forming part of my profile. I also agree to keep my profile updated and corrected at all times.
3. I agree not to create multiple accounts on NAD System operated by NSDL Database Management Limited and CDSL Ventures Limited.
4. I agree to review all the certificate records linked to my account and if any discrepancy is found in any record I will bring the same to the notice of NDML and the concerned Academic Institute immediately. Unless any discrepancy is pointed by me, NDML will be entitled to assume that the NAD records are accurate.
5. I agree to authorise NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) to send me information and transaction updates on my Mobile and Email ID.I agree to authorise NSDL Database Management Limited (NDML) to use my data and records for the purpose of statistical compilation, MIS reports, data summaries and for any other purpose where it is required to be used as per NAD agreement with Ministry of Human Resources Development, Academic Institutes or any other Authority.
6. I understand that NAD can only present my such academic records which are lodged by my academic institute with NAD system and I cannot hold NAD responsible for non-availability of any record. Further, my record details will appear on NAD system in my account only if my academic institute has lodged the details of my NAD Account credentials i.e. My Aadhaar or My NAD ID as part of the Certificate data.
7. I understand that the responsibility of lodging correct, accurate and updated data of certificate records rests completely with my academic institute. NAD system simply shows the records as received from my academic institute.
8. I agree to use the data and certificate records accessed from NAD system only for legitimate use and subject to use restrictions, if any applicable. I will not attempt to make any alterations to the data records as accessed from NAD System.
9. In case any Verification user requests me to share any of my certificates with it through NAD system or I choose to send my certificate to any person through NAD system, I will ensure to satisfy myself about the credentials of such person with whom the certificate is being shared, the purpose for which it is being shared and I realize that usage of the certificate record by such person is not subject to any control by NDML, Academic Institute or MHRD.
10. I agree to indemnify NDML, Academic Institute and MHRD against any loss or damage occurring due to any of my act or conduct.
11. I agree to pay applicable charges to NDML for use of NAD services. Details of the charges can be reviewed by me on NAD website.
12. I agree that if I access my NAD account through DigiLocker Portal, my details and records will be shared by NDML with DigiLocker System.
13. I agree to ensure that my user log-in credentials are maintained securely and confidentially and are not shared with any other person.
I hereby declare that the particulars given herein are true, correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief; the documents submitted along with this application are genuine. I agree to inform the National Academic Depository (NAD) of any changes in the details mentioned in this form and in case of delay the said repository shall not be liable in case it acts on the said information which has not been updated. I further agree that any false / misleading information given by me or suppression of any material fact will render my NAD Account liable for termination and further action. I hereby confirm that this is a unique NAD Student Account opening application and I have not applied to the same academic depository or any other Depository for a NAD account without Aadhaar in the past.